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Child Safety

The best medicine is prevention, so that your child doesn’t end up in the ER or an urgent care center in the first place. Although no one can prevent 100% of the accidents kids have, you can stack the deck in your favor by adhering to some easy child safety tips.

Childproof your home

In simple terms, this just means preventing your kids from getting into things that will hurt them. The easiest and most common things you can do to childproof your home include:

  • Secure all cupboards and drawers with childproof latches
  • Turn your hot water heater down so the water is not scalding hot (this also saves energy)
  • Cover electrical outlets with childproof approved plugs
  • Tie up (or remove) window bind cords
  • Lock up guns (if you have them) in an approved gun safe
  • Cover hot tubs and add pool alarms
  • Keep cleaning products and medications locked up and out of reach

Have your child wear a bike helmet

Riding a bike is part of growing up. Like wearing a seat belt in the car, wearing a bike helmet decreases your child’s chance of a head injury considerably if he or she is in a biking accident. Even if your child argues, always insist that he or she wear a helmet while bike riding.

Put your child in a car seat when driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration car accidents are the number one killer of children between the ages of one and 12. ( By law all 50 states require children be in a car seat when riding in a car. Putting your child in a car seat (no matter how short the trip) is the safest and easiest way to protect your child when traveling. The age and weight at which a child no longer has to use a car seat varies from state to state. To find out the car seat laws in your state visit the Child Passenger Safety Laws page of the NHTSA website. (